Do you have a guitar, or did you just buy one of the music instruments? Then you probably need a guitar strap to play more comfortable. Overdrive Straps has a wide variety of jacquard guitar straps, and it is very likely that you will stumble upon a guitar strap that fits your needs perfectly! Overdrive Straps’s guitar straps are of premium quality, and handmade from tough full-grain leather. They do not only look very good, but are also built to last even through your wildest moves!

The jacquard guitar straps

The jacquard guitar straps are in a lovely style with a colourful woven pattern. These patterns often will give your guitar a bit more of a vintage look, but that’s also why these jacquard guitar straps are all the rage again these days. The straps have been assembled by hand and the best possible materials have been used, and because of this they are of amazing quality. They have a great comfort, which makes them feel good when you are playing a difficult solo, let it be on stage or in your own room or studio. Just as important as comfort is the lifespan of a guitar strap. Of course you want your newly bought strap to last for a while instead of breaking very easily. The jacquard guitar straps from overdrive straps are therefore made by materials such as full grain leather, safety belt materials and heavy duty hardware. 

In short, here is a list with the qualities of the jacquard guitar straps:

  • The straps have a great comfort
  • The straps have a long lifespan
  • The guitar straps are of high quality, being made of the best materials and by hand
  • The guitar straps have vintage look with their colourful woven pattern

Customize your ideal guitar strap

Yes, you read it right, customize. At Overdrive Straps you are able to customize your own jacquard guitar straps, as they of course should be in line with your image as an artist. The jacquard patterns are also not popular with everyone of course, so Overdrive Straps offers you a lot of options for making your own ideal guitar strap. You could for example just choose a bold black full leather strap, or not. The choice is yours and that’s what’s so great about customizing your own straps! Whichever guitar strap you prefer, you can add the final touch to it yourself. You could choose a leather or seatbelt colour, the hole sizes to fit the strap locks or if you want extra length added to your guitar strap. All these great options give you the opportunity to create the best possible guitar strap that coincides with your wants and needs! 

A good guitar strap is comfortable, has a good lifespan and has great quality. All these qualities for guitar straps are offered by the jacquard guitar straps of Overdrive Straps. They are handmade from the best materials and the best thing about them is that you can customize them so that you can get the perfect guitar strap for you, all in your style and to your needs. You won’t regret taking a look, so visit and see the great quality you can get for yourself!

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